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To preserve and
protect the water
resources of North
Florida for the
use and enjoyment
of humans and
wildlife through
action, awareness
and  education.

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Being part of the solution for 20 years.....

, a non-profit organization, was established in 1993 when a small group of friends began working together to clean up the trash and contaminants in and along the banks of north Florida’s Santa Fe River.  Fifteen years later, this grassroots organization has expanded its focus to include urban creeks, rivers, ponds and lakes throughout north central Florida.

Although you may not live near water, you are actually closer to it than you think!  Florida’s karst topography has only a thin veneer of soil over a porous, swiss-cheese layer of limestone separating us from our drinking water.  This relative lack of natural filtration makes it imperative to keep our waterways and shorelines clean.  Find out more about our karst environment.  

ADOPT A RIVER, Current Problems’ original program, addresses the visible contaminants in waterways by removing human trash and invasive species.

RESTORE A SHORE, the second program under the Current Problems' umbrella, focuses on the invisible contaminants by preserving and revegetating shorelines

PLANT A POND, a relatively new program, works with businesses, schools, and neighborhoods to adopt and plant stormwater ponds for the purpose of improving water quality, biodiversity and wildlife habitat.

Volunteers are at the heart of Current Problems.  The many success stories throughout the community are made possible by the generosity of these volunteers as well as Current Problems members and sponsors, government grants, and donations made by ordinary citizens who want to help keep our waterways healthy and beautiful. 

Find out how you can become a member, make a donation or sign up for any of the upcoming events by contacting Current Problems at aar@currentproblems.org.


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Current Problems Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization
funded by private donations, government grants and contracts.

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