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To preserve and
protect the water
resources of North
Florida for the
use and enjoyment
of humans and
wildlife through
action, awareness
and  education.

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Current Problems’ newest program is Plant A Pond.   We encourage your neighborhood, business, or organization to join us in this exciting new endeavor!

In the last few years, much has been learned about the importance of stormwater ponds to the overall health of our waterways. Stormwater ponds are designed to capture rainwater to control flooding and erosion. The water in the ponds infiltrates into the ground or overflows into nearby creeks, rivers, lakes, or sinking streams.

Stormwater ponds can help protect water quality when they are heavily vegetated with well-chosen plants.  These plants, which should be native to our area, offer biological diversity, habitat for our urban wildlife, and more places for migrating birds to stop and rest. 

The health of our entire community benefits greatly from the improved water quality that is generated by these vegetated ponds.

Consider adopting your favorite pond through our Plant A Pond  project.  We would like to see all ponds vegetated someday, and you can help make that happen with your participation. 

If you want to see good examples of planted stormwater ponds, take a field trip to any one of these demonstration projects that PLANT A POND has completed:

Forest Park Pond

Greentree Park Pond

Tumblin Creek Pond

Monteocha Pond

Check upcoming events to learn about the other Current Problems projects scheduled in your area or contact Current Problems to plan a Plant A Pond project.

E-mail us to have your name added to our volunteer list to receive notices of future projects, cleanups and work days.

Current Problems Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization
funded by private donations, government grants, and contracts.

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