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To preserve and
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Florida for the
use and enjoyment
of humans and
wildlife through
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'Ribbons of Life', a booklet about the benefirs of riparian buffer zones along waterways.

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If you want to see
the benefits of
restoring a shoreline, take a field trip to
any one of these demonstration
projects Restore
A Shore has

Poe Springs
 State Park
  (CR 340 outside
of High Springs)
 Lake Alto
   Boat Ramp Park 

click here

  Downtown Park  (Gainesville)

Current Problems’ RESTORE A SHORE program is aimed at assisting residents to better protect our waterways by changing their waterfront landscaping and living habits.

A shoreline is the interface between land and water. It can extend many feet beyond the water line. Shoreline plants include those we see on the land and those beyond the water's edge.

Healthy shorelines are well vegetated, providing critical habitat to many wildlife species, including cover for waterfowl, nurseries for fishes, food and nesting places for birds, and resting places for alligators and many mammals.

Shoreline plants also uptake many harmful contaminants before they ever enter the surface and groundwater. Their roots help control erosion by holding soil in place.

Shorelines populated with the appropriate native plants are the best insurance to protect against invisible and dangerous contaminants that find their way into our water resources. 

The worst thing you can do is plant a lawn right along the shore to the water line and apply fertilizrs and pesticides.

These chemicals are all too often washed directly or leached into the surface water with the first heavy rainfall.  They can be harmful to aquatic species, cause toxic algal blooms, and end up in our drinking water! 

Please consider restoring your favorite shoreline with a thick buffer of vegetation.  We’ll get you underway with a supply of starter plants and help your organization install them. Contact Us.

If you’re unable to join the ranks of the volunteers but want to help, become a member, sponsor or generous donor today!

E-mail us to have your name added to our volunteer list to receive notices of future projects, cleanups and work days.

Current Problems Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization
funded by private donations, government grants, and contracts.

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